Tuesday, 22 April 2014

James Franco Film For Gucci Sunglasses.

James Franco has courted a considerable amount of controversy in the past month, with his highly publicised social media gaff, which saw him propositioning an under-age girl fro Scotland.  However, a bumbling not-apology on a talk show appears to have essentially expunged him from all guilt.  

This is demonstrated by the fact that Gucci, who already use him for their eyewear and Sunglasses ranges as their celebrity face and chief model, have commissioned a film directed by, and starring none other than Mr Franco himself.

The short film, titled "Tecno Color Sunglasses", shows Franco and Italian model Natalia Bonifacci playing around L.A. in locations such as the Chateau Marmont, a vintage sports car, Gucci billboards, and some random bushes.  And at all times wearing Gucci Sunglasses of course.

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