Thursday, 29 May 2014

John Galliano Named Creative Director Of L'Etoile.

John Galliano, sacked from Dior in the wake of the high profile racism scandal in 2011, in which he was recorded making vile anti-semitic remarks in a Paris cafe while intoxicated, has found that since being ousted from Dior the world and it's door's have not been as welcoming and open to him as pre his transgressions.  Following court mandated rehabiitation, he has effectively been in a self imposed exile from the world at large.

Now, at least in some sense, this period seems to be coming to an end for him.  The Russian cosmetics chain, L'etoile, have named him as creative director.  The name may not be a familiar one to western consumers of luxury goods, however, the mid-range cosmetics brand is well known in its native Russia, with some 850 branches in 250 Russian towns.

Whether or not this is the first rung on the ladder back in to the dizzying world of Haute-Couture from which he fell remains to be seen.  The fashion world has a famously short memory, indeed it almost takes pride in the fact.  Will we see Galliano back at the head of Dior by 2020?  Doubtful, but this newsworthy event certainly gets one thinking. . .

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