Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tumi Santa Monica Collection.

Tumi have long been hailed as a premier business luxury brand, with everyone from the man in the street up to celebrities such as Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, and even world leaders such as Barack Obama himself using the brand, it is generally accepted if you can afford the price tag, there is no better luxury brand for the serious business traveller. 

We have often reported on Tumi's attempts to move out of its target sector, with releases such as the Townhouse collection, and flagship luxury pieces in exotic leathers.  All of which indicate their intention to make the brand not only a business luxury brand, but also a true luxury purveyor.

Now with the Santa Monica collection, Tumi is at it again, this time seemingly desiring to move sideways, to take on luxury luggage at the same level, but in the luggage sector.  Inspired by the relaxed coastal lifestyle of southern California, the Santa Monica collection features an array of versatile silhouettes for women and men in a sophisticated colour palette.

Crafted from supple vachetta and glazed leathers and signature fabrics, the clean line and casual shapes of the Santa Monica designs are accented with iconic elements including leather ties and "X" accents that define the collection.

Available now from Tumi boutiques worldwide, and online at their eshopping website, the collection costs from £150 for the smallest element, up to £895 for the largest item, the leather duffel bag.

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