Thursday, 5 June 2014

Foreo Issa Platinum And Issa 18-Carat Toothbrush.

As we know in Luxury land, until every atom of our entire existence is saturated in unadulterated luxury, we will never be satisfied.  And there are lots and lots of brands more than willing to oblige in this regard.  Now, an area you may have not hitherto have considered as being eligible for the luxury treatment, the electric toothbrush, has, by Swedish Manufacturer Foreo, been given exactly that.

"Luxury electric toothbrush" sound a bit like an oxymoron to us, almost like when the word "luxury" precedes the words "electric toothbrush" we feel the need to pay attention, and ask "could you repeat that please?"

However, this is real, and it exists.  Foreo have produced two models, the Issa Platinum, and the Issa 18-carat gold, £2500 and £1500 respectively.  Only one of each model will ever be made - presumably unless you ask really nicely, and have chequebook in hand -, and apparently, they promise a high-intensity clean due to micro pulsations channelled into silicone bristles.

The reality is, this is a flagship product, designed to attract attention to the brand, and make people interested.  then after deciding they cannot afford one, but like the design, they will then buy the £140 version made of plastic and metal.  An old trick, but sometimes, they are the best ones.

Available now, if you are interested.

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