Friday, 20 June 2014

Louis Vuitton Chain Attraction Haute Joallerie Collection.

Louis Vuitton has released their latest Haute Joallerie collection, titled the Chain Attraction fine jewellery collection.  It consists of a collection of stunning white gold and platinum necklaces and bracelets, encrusted with diamonds, and large fancy stones.

There is the Hypnose, which recreates LV's star symbol in diamond, tourmaline, morganites and emaralds.  The Talisman, which creates LV's flower with a 21.03 carat imperial topaz, set with moonstones. The Hologramme, with a 20.42 tourmaline, surrounded by morganites, emeralds and diamonds.  Finally there is the Attraction bracelet, the star which the collection gets its name from, white gold, welo opals, garnet beads, diamonds and a 12 carat mandarin garnet.

The entire collection is available from Louis Vuitton now, from flagship boutiques, and from Louis Vuitton's Haute Joalerrie stand-alone store in Paris.  

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