Friday, 13 June 2014

Taylor Fladgate 1863 Single Harvest Tawny Port.

Port is not generally the first drink that jumps to mind when considering ultra premium alcohol.  Cognac certainly, Whisky undoubtably, Rum possibly, Vodks infrequently, and Gin rarely, and of course, wine definitely.  Port however, probably not.

Taylor is setting out to dispel that preconception, with the 1863 Single Harvest Tawny Port. a limited edition version of Taylor Fladgate 40 year old port.  This very rare pre-Phylloxera Tawny Port based on the Scion, which last year ignited interest in rare single wood-aged Tawny Ports.

The Taylor Fladgate 1863 Single Harvest Tawny Port will be offered in a specially made crystal decanter, and presented in a superb wooden presentation box, with a maple burl veneer.  
It will contains a certificate personally signed by Adrian Bridge, and is available from September 2014 for £2,800 per edition.

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