Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Chrisitan Larcoix iPhone, iPad And iPad Mini Cases.

Christian Larcoix will be launching a feminine and elegant range of iPhone 5, iPad and iPad Mini cases from the end of August 2014.  The range will consist of designs such as the Butterfly Parade pictured, designed to evoke Seviian Women walking through the Alcazar Gardens surrounded by butterfiles.

The full range will be announced prior to release, prices however have already been released, being constructed from screen printed plastic they will be reasonably priced, at £20 for the iPhone cases, £50 for the iPad Mini cases and £80 for the iPad cases.

The timing is a little odd however, as there is set to be a new iPhone 6 released in September.  Perhaps they will expand the range to also include this newer model, although this is a guess, as no information has been officially released in this regard.

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