Tuesday, 5 August 2014

BAPE Transformers Capsule Collection.

For 2014 Fall/Winter, BAPE are releasing a capsule collection which is likely to satisfy a number of classes of persons, and which is themed, and inspired, by Transformers.

For lovers of BAPE clothing, there is a capsule collection featuring five tee's, a hoody, and a cap.  the hoody will have an Optimus Prime face on the rear, and there will be various versions of a special Transformers themed BAPE logo on the tees, with on the cap, a logo combining the Autobot and Decepticon logo.  The predominant camo will be the red and navy camo pattern.

And for hardcore limited edition collectors, and lovers of toys, there will be a special edition, Transformers, MP-10 Convoy BAPE edition toy released.  

The whole collection will be in BAPE stores from August 9th.  The collection will be limited, although numbers have not been announced.  Expect normal BAPE pricing, and, expect stuff to disappear fast.

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