Friday, 15 August 2014

Polaroid Cube Lifestyle Action Camera.

Polaroid's latest atempt to revive flagging fortunes comes int he form of the Cube lifestyle action camera.  Harking back to the glory days of yore when Polaroid was the go-to for instant fun prints, the Cube allows users to instantly capture moments in a fun creative way with the cube, which gives the chance to capture stills, and up to 90 minutes of footage within its tiny 35mm body.

The real focus of the device is as an active lifestyle recorder, and therefore they provide several accessories, such as a bike mount, a helmet mount, tripod mount and strap mount, and most importantly for an active lifestyle device, it is water resistant.

Costing £79.99, and with accessories costing from £5, the only burning question is, why, int his age of smartphones where everyone already carries a device capable of recording hi-def video and stills which can be mounted with a variety of accessories as a lifestyle camera, would you also want to carry a separate one in your pocket?

For everyone who can find an answer to that question, the Polaroid Cube is available from the end of September 2014.

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