Saturday, 9 August 2014

Saint Laurent 2014 Fall/Winter Sneaker Collection.

Since Hedi Slimane's take over at the helm of YSL a couple of things have become accepted.  One, YSL is now called Saint Laurent, a bold move for an established house, but Hedi Slimane's keen sense'e proved correct on this, and we are all quite use to it now.  Second, Saint Laurent, as it is now known, are very good at making extremely desirable mens sneakers.

Perhaps it is Slimane's light touch responsible for this, but Saint Laurent has is a few short season's, been able to rank itself alongside the likes of Lanvin for ultra stylish sneakers.  Will we see sneaker logo's on tee's like over at Lanvin?  Unlikely, Slimane is too much of an innovator to copy.  And here presented are Saint Laurent's 2014 Fall/Winter sneaker collection.

Fans will recognise that this collection is actually pretty much identical to ones which have gone before.  However, when you have something this good, why change it?  So for this collection, the big change is the classic gum-sole addition.  An inspired touch for a cold weather shoe, after all, its not hard to wipe down leather, but getting stains out of white rubber soles is a bit of a nightmare.

Set to be available from the end of September in all boutiques and concessions, and currently available at some fashion forward online boutiques, expect prices to start from £320 for low-tops.

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