Wednesday, 24 September 2014

111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Cream.

Luxury skin creams come generally from "approved" sources for consumers, these approved sources being the larger, high end cosmetics companies such as Creme De La Mer, La Prairie, Borghese, and similar types of brands.  When a newer company produces an ultra high-end cosmetic cream, any claims require analysis.

From 111 Skin, created by Greek born plastic Surgeon Dr. Yanis Aleandrides, created his cream to help patients with post surgical healing, a similar motivation to Max Huber, the scientist behind Creme De La mer. 

The Celestial Black Diamond Cream contains carbonado diamonds, found deep in the earth in Brazil and Central Africa, and sourced from meteorites that hit the earth billions of years ago, and apparently act as a conduit, and absorber, which makes the skin absorb the other ingredients.

The flagship cream is available now, costing £780 per pot, and a range of serum's, and eye creams are set to follow.

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