Saturday, 13 September 2014

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Rubber Collection.

Lets face it, we pretty much all love Converse All star trainers.  The canvas lace up work with pretty much every outfit, and pretty much every conceivable look, barring, of course, if you wish to be smartly dressed.  The key to these is their versatility, and discreetness.

Discreet is not a word you would tend to use in connection with Converse's latest take on their classic shoe.  The All Star Rubber collection is a selection of all rubber hi-top traienrs, in a range of exceptionally bright colours, with only two in sombre shades.  But lets face it, even in black or dark green, they are all rubber, and are still pretty loud.

If you have a desire to own Converse rubber trainers, perhaps a rubber fetish, or you may live in a rural area and therefore wish to be able to hose your shoes clean when they get dirty, they are released int he USA on September 15th, and Worldwide release should be by the end of September.  They are priced at £65 per pair.

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