Thursday, 11 September 2014

Godiva Flavours Of The World Limited Edition.

Godiva is once again attempting to expand our tastes with a new chocolate selection.  Following on from the exceptionally successful limited edition "desserts" collection which debuted at the end of 2013, and managed to be in such high demand that it became a full range product, Godiva now offer, "Flavours of The World".

Kuromitsu molasses from Japan, Belgian cookie Sirop de Liege with Speculoos, Black tea a Sichaun Pepper from China, Brazilian Coffe nut Praline, Honey roasted caramel from the United States, and Caramelised coconut from South Africa.

It seems highly likely, this limited edition selection, which comes in 8, 16, and 25 pieces, for £10, £20 and £40 respectively, may be yet another keeper for Godiva.  Available now from Godiva.

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