Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Motorola Introduces Motorola Hint Headset.

With all the high-end luxury goods, and edgy luxury streetwear and tech we like to discuss here, the idea of a post about a humble bluetooth headset from a pedestrian brand such as Motorola seems somewhat of an anathema.  However, look a little closer, and what we have here is a world first, the worlds smallest bluetooth headset, and the first with no mic sticking out, and which simply fits int he ear like an earbud.

It seems more like some piece of vaporware teased at CES on a yearly basis, yet set never to exist, however, this one does exist, in fact, it has its own page on Motorola's website, with a price, and a release date.  And if that isnt something worth talking about, well we don't know what is anymore.

This amazing little device will be released in the US first, priced at a shockingly low $137.00 (£90), by the end of September, and worldwide release dates are expected to be by the years end.

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