Friday, 31 October 2014

Guinness 1759 Luxury Edition.

New from Guinness comes an entry into the luxury beverage market.  This is a first from Guinness, although they often produce limited edition products, and special edition boxed sets of their lines.  This is however the first time that Guinness have invested in creating a premium product.

The 70cl bottle, which is presented in a special box, contains a special edition of the drink which has been brewed with traditional beer malt, and peated whisky malt, resulting in an amber coloured ale which contains notes of butterscotch, hops, mellow caramel and fruity sweetness.

The special edition is limited to 90,000 bottles worldwide, although a pretty sizeable number, they will sell out eventually.  Costing £25 per bottle, it is currently available only in America, but is set to be worldwide by the end of November. 

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