Friday, 10 October 2014

Louis Vuitton Men's Backpack Collection.

Pictured here is the entire mens Louis Vuitton backpack collection, which proves beyond shadow of a doubt that the backpack has been firmly made part of the luxury firmament, and wrenched from the shoulders of the lazy backpacker, and high school student.  Many things are responsible for this change, including, perhaps above all else, peoples desire to be hands free while using gadgets on the move.

First up we have the Keepall-a-dos in cobalt Damier canvas costing £1,460.

Next up the Michael in Black or Neptune Infini leather costing £2,030.

And the Michael in Damier Graphite at £1,380.

Taiga leather is seen in the line-up in the Sirius-a-dos at £2,140.

The "budget" option comes in the form of the lightpack in damier parachute canvas at £910.

A slightly more feminine option comes in the form of the Monogram canvas Bosphore at £1,180.

The minimalist Palk uses Monogram macassar canvas, and costs £1,340.

The Sirius-a-dos is seen again in Epi tan canvas costing £3,900.

A new addition to the line-up, the runner in Damier canvas costing £1,380.

Taurillon leather in the self titled "Taurillon" costs £2,830.

The Sirius-a-dos is available in a PM model in black Taiga for £1,800.

Finally, above and below, we have the Christopher PM in either Monogram Maccasar canvas, or Damier Graphite, both costing £1,570.

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