Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Pharell William's Moynat Collection.

Louis Vuitton owned Moynat has collaborated with Pharell William's following their creative director getting on famously with the star.  The new collection will be pretty revolutionary by the restrained, and conservative Moynat's standard's.  Indeed, by pretty much any measure the collection is rather out there.

Consisting four pieces, a hand tooled resin handbag, a hand scultped Ebony clutch, and two leather pochettes, these pieces ensure you will never forget Moynat's origins as a supplier of luggage for train travel.  They ensure it as they either feature a train logo writ large, or, they are in the shape of a train.

This amazing hand made collection will be available from the end of October, and pieces wil command exceptional prices, starting from £2,000. and going up to £7,000.

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