Saturday, 4 October 2014

Undercover Nike Collaborative Gyakusou Collection.

Nike have collaborated with Jun Takahashi's Undercover brand to produce a limited edition collection of running garments.  Conceived with the idea of a collection for the future, the design process has produced a sleek, streamlined, and surprisingly effective collection of garments, which would not look out of place in a sci-fi about some dystopian, conformist world.

Stand out pieces are the utility long pants, which combine the convenience of loose fitting dri-fit pockets, with the sleek feeling of tight running pants.  Next up is the Gyakusou Sweat Map Long-Sleeve top, which features multiple pockets in intelligent positions to maximise an efficient work out.

Also available once again is the Gyakusou Dri-Fit short sleeve top, which was seen in the 2014 Spring collection, and this will be along side an embossed woven hooded jacket, and Aeroloft 800 vest.

The whole colelction will be available from October 23rd worldwide, with prices starting from £50 for a tee.

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