Wednesday, 5 November 2014

A.P.C. Nike 2014 Fall/Winter Edition.

It is now a pretty expected series of events with regards to the collaborations between Nike and A.P.C.  It follows a set path which is, first, twice a year a release is announced, second the date is given, third they sell out immediately.  This sequence must be exceptionally pleasing to both brands, and is likely a good explanation why the collaborations continue, when many designers just dip their toe in the world of collab's.

For the second of 2014, the sneaker of choice is the Nike Free OG, a new release from Nike, some think is set to muscle out the now year old Nike Free 5.0.  Tones of beige, grey and black, along with the typical minimalism we have all come to expect, with only a few tonal details, and a reflective swoosh, along with of course the special collaborative logo inside the shoe.

Available from November 05 at A.P.C. stores, and Nike online on November 06. We suspect, priced at £110 per pair, unless Nike has separate allocation, they will already all be gone by then!

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