Friday, 14 November 2014

Mungo & Maud For Mulberry Dog Collar And Lead.

We rarely, if ever, create articles on the luxury pet accessory and care market.  This is a bit of an omission on our part.  As we profess to be a blog dedicated to luxury, and luxury loving pet owners love to pamper their pets just as much as themselves.  Today we would like to dedicate an article to a new collaboration between Mungo & Maud, one of the luxury pet markets premier brands, and Mulberry.

The collaboration has created the most simple, and essential, of accessories, the humble collar and leash.  Available in three colours, and two sizes, Mungo & Maud have given their expertise, and Mulberry their luxury touch.

Available colours are mandarin and jungle green, hibiscus and sea blue, and jungle green with sea blue.  Available sizes are 2cm and 3cm for both the collar and lead.

Available now costing £70 for the 2cm collar, £80 for the 3cm collar, £100 for the 2cm lead and £110 for the 3cm lead, they can be purchased from mulberry's website, or Mulberry stores only.

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