Monday, 3 November 2014

Romain Jerome Batman-DNA Wristwatch.

Romain Jerome has added a batman wristwatch to its extravagant line of watches only a really gauche millionaire could love.  Taking its place alongside the likes of the space invaders watch, the moon watch which contains pieces of moon-dust, and the titanic watch which contains pieces of the titanic, comes the Batman-DNA watch.  This does not, as you may suspect, contain pieces of batman, but rather, a rendition of his logo, with backlighting.

Constructed from PVD coated steel, and limited to 75 pieces worldwide, with the batman logo over the aforementioned backlit display for when you want to show off "in-da-club" how nerdy/cool/rich you think you are, this costs £14,000 per edition.

We could start telling you about the movement, however, the chances are if you're reading this and thinking "oh yeah I need one of these", it's because of either your love for comics and batman, or, you want all the people in your circle to know you bought a watch that costs more than theirs, so you probably won't be caring.

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