Friday, 28 November 2014

Tumi 2-In-1 Packable 'Pax" Jacket/Pillow.

Tumi is now making a foray into the world of travel clothing with the PAX jacket.  We must say, we have seen many convertible travel jackets, generally, they fold small, and packaway, for storage and quick use when needed.  Tumi's offering is a little different.

Designed as an engineered, down filled jacket when in use, with carefully stitched seams, and heatsealed edges, the purpose of this rather unusual garment is to fold down into a neck pillow for travel. 

 Yes that is correct, you can believe your eyes, Tumi have produced a jacket which turns into a pillow.  Available in a range of colours, and costing £180 it is available now.  So if you have ever thought to yourself "I wish my jacket could turn into a pillow, I have a really achy neck"  now you need wish no longer.

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