Monday, 29 December 2014

Chocolate Mint And Hazelnut Dessert Nespresso Variations.

Contrary to what was expected, both the general Nespresso consuming populace, and indeed, ourselves included, Nespresso have in fact released limited edition flavoured coffee's for the holiday season.  This comes as somewhat of a shock to us, as we were expecting them to only release the special edition they announced in November.  However they have released two variations worldwide, the Chocolate Mint, and Hazelnut Dessert.

Both use central and south american arabicas, with chocolate and a hint of mint aroma added to one, and homemade shortbread cookie for the other.  Both come in at intensity 6.  Available in limited quantities, and priced at a slight premium of 0.35p per capsule, they are available now.

Except for the UK, they are not, Nespresso somewhat strangely, opted to only release the Chocolate mint in the UK, mainland Europe and the US gets both options.  An odd choice for a late release, but there you have it.

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