Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Marc Newson Beretta 486 Shotgun.

Firearms are not a subject we have covered here before.  However, with pairs of shooting irons from the likes of Holland & Holland, or Purdey, costing upwards of £300,000, and this being the starting prices in many cases, they are firmly in the category of luxury goods.

Beretta is a name thought more of for handguns, in particular, being the supplier of the replacement for the standard sidearms of most military's throughout the world.   Producing some 1,500 guns per day, they do not seem likely to be considered as a luxury producer.  However, the reality is, Beretta is a luxury house dating back to 1526, and fine shotguns are their stock in trade.

Now, Marc Newson, famous for working with Apple's Jony Ive, as well as numerous feats of design, has collaborated with beretta to produce the 486 shotgun.  This fine weapon bears all the hallmarks of a piece due to stand the test of time, including a laser etched design with Marc Newson's name on it.

The standard retail of the 486 is £4000, this version is expected to cost around £35,000, when released next year.

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