Monday, 15 December 2014

Nespresso Maragogype Special Reserve.

For 2014's festive season, perhaps due to having a 'variations' range of flavoured coffee in the full range, Nespresso have chosen to release, rather than a seasonal flavoured coffee, one of their exclusive, limited edition, special reserve coffee's.

The Maragogype, as this coffee is called, is the second special reserve, and follows their Hawaii Kona special reserve of 2012.  The Maragogype takes its name from a town in Brasil where an unusually large coffee plant was discovered in the 19th century.  This unusually large plant creates exceptionally high quality coffee beans, with, due to its size, a very low yield.  Making it both exceptional, and rare.

The 2014 special reserve contains Mexican and Nicaraguan beans, roasted for a shorter period, to create, along with the exclusive beans, a smooth delicate, and balanced mild Grand Cru with a hint of acidity, and sweet, malty, faintly green note.

The packaing is also premium, in aluminium pods, with gold coffee bean highlights.  In addition, it can be purchased either in  single sleeves, due to its higher cost bypassing Nespresso's minimum order principle, or, as a gift set with the pictured tasting glass.

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