Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Adidas Raf Simons Stan Smith 2015 Edition.

Raf Simons collaborates so often with Adidas that now when a product is announced they just give the sneaker the collaboration expands, and the release date.  They don't even bother with a unique name for it.

This new one is set for a mid 2015 release on general sale, and high-end sneaker stores by April.  The shoe takes Adidas's Stan Smith and pares it surprisingly well with a minimalist aesthetic which is entirely befitting Simons.

In Red, charcoal grey, Baby blue and Baby pink, these trainers are one colour top to bottom, with an "R" embossed in a perforated pattern on the side of the calf leather body, and only Adidas's logo in white.  These will not be cheap, and are firmly aimed at the luxury segment, costing £280 per pair upon release.  Pre-order now to avoid missing out.

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