Monday, 26 January 2015

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag With Light And Charger.

Any woman who tires of carrying a portable charger round with them may find this new version of Ralph Lauren's Ricky bag very interesting.  Fitted with a 2800mah internal battery pack, and adapters for a variety of mobile devices, the need to carry a separate charger will be imedeately eliminated.

Not only does the bag come with an internal battery, it also contains in the internal flap of the bag, an LED light, which also fixes another issue that often occurs, searching around in a dark bag.

The bag itself, in elegant black calf, and lined with purple calf, is adorned with rose gold hardware, meaning not only will you have the cleverest bag around, you also have one of the most elegant.

All this does not come cheap however, it is available now for £3000.

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