Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Sleep Shirt Company Gift Set.

A somewhat unusual company, the Sleep Shirt Company, a Canadian based company, has been producing 19th century style nightwear for the last few years, and has been extraordinarily successful in this venture.  Perhaps it's a demonstrating of the slavish devotion people have to the retro trends, but consumers seem really enthused about going to bed dressed like wild west frontiersmen.

Capitalising on their success in the field of ultra retro nightwear, the Sleep Shirt Company has released a set of gift packs for the holiday season and beyond.  Comprising their best selling nightshort product, either the long or short night shirt, or ladies nightie, and an eye-mask for those times when either the blinds are not dark enough, or you just need to sleep in all day.

Costing £195 for the long night-short set, £180 for the short, and £140 for the nightie and eye-mask set, these can be a gift for a favourite friend who has similar tastes, or a gift to yourself if you need an extra night-shirt or want to start your collection.  Available now online including import taxes, or in selected  high-end boutiques.

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