Saturday, 14 February 2015

Bentley Infinite Fragrance Collection For Men.

Bentley's fragrance range is going from strength to strength, with an intense version of the original fragrance, and now, a totally new release, the Infinite collection.  When brands not traditionally in the fragrance world release products like this we wonder if this was their plan all along, or if it organically developed as the product became more successful.  We are inclined to think this volume of new releases suggest the latter.

Whatever the case, Bentley have released these two new products, in eau de toillete and eau de parfum for the intense version.  The fragrance is a sporty masculine one, with lavendar, cedar, bourbon pepper, violet, and geranium, pathouli, ambergris, and Haitian Vetiver.

All this is contained in a heavy glass flacon, with a cap that incorporates the flying B logo, ad diamond cut metal.  It will be available from April 2015, missing Valentines day, and will be in 100ml size only, priced at £85 for the standard, and £120 for the intense.

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