Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Mulberry Cara Delevigne Chinese New Year Edition.

Another in a likely to be long line-up of Chinese New Year themed accessories.  From Mulberry, comes this limited edition version of their Cara Delevigne handbag.  It seems somewhat odd that this combines two attempts to capitalise on the zeitgeist at once.  

On the one hand we have the fact that Mulberry have a range of handbags named after the currently uber popular model Cara Delevigne, the young woman whom people seem to think can do no wrong.  Then of course, there is the celebration of Chinese New Year, which has been going on a lot longer than Cara Delevigne has been popular of course, but which is also unquestionably "now" as it is about to happen.

Whatever the case, Mulberry have produced this handmade bag in (yawn) red quilted calf, with gold harware, a ram embossed fob, and it will be released in an incredibly original limited edition of 88.

Priced at £995, the Chinese New Year min Cara Delevigne handbag will be available worldwide from February 19th.  

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