Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Puiforcat's Sterling Silver Cognac Beaker.

Puiforcat, the Parisian luxury silverware firm known for its art deco pieces, have released a special cognac glass, or should we say beaker, designed in partnership with Ecole Boulle, and Leo Dubriel.  The beaker is the first release, and teaser, of their new high end tableware colelction, which is set to include several grand pieces.

The beaker is sterling silver, and is lined with 24k gold.  The gold turns red when the receptacle is filled with cognac, and the rounded, and wide shape allow the flavours to circulate freely.  In addition to which, if you wish the flavours to circulate in isolation, the base doubles as a lid, and can be sealed to preserve the flavours more.

The beaker is priced at £1,600 per piece, and is available now.  The full range of tableware is set to be released slowly over the course of the next few months.

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