Wednesday, 18 March 2015

BAPE Collaborates With Lacoste L!VE For 2015.

For their latest collaboration, rather than the typical release of a couple of tee's, or small pieces, BAPE have put some serious thought into a complete, collaborative collection with Lacoste's youth based line Lacoste L!VE.

First the good.  Well, pretty much everything about it.  BAPE's ultra cool street sensibility, Lacoste's smart edge, the classic Lacoste tee, and best of all, a totally unique redesigned logo for the collection which merges both brands, with a croc, biting a BAPE head.  Even a little video, top here.  Oh, and don't forget the BAPE logo tee, with "croc shall never kill ape". Genius.

The bad.  It's exclusive to Japan.  Sadly, you will either need to take a trip to Japan, pay for the import taxes and delivery charges, or, cross your fingers and hope they release the collection over here in Blighty.  Of course they won't, because it will have all sold out after a week.

So there you have it, from March 28th, a brand new collaborative collection, pieces starting from £45 for the hats, £75 for the tee's, and topping out at £265 for the hooded full zip jacket.

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