Friday, 20 March 2015

Brietling B55 Connected Smartwatch.

How many other peopel will be reading this and thinking about Minority Report?  You know? Tom Cruise's character has a smartwatch made by Bulgari?  Let's be honest, it is only a matter of time before proper luxury brands start releasing serious high-end swiss made smartwatches.  After all, if Apple can releaser a wristwatch in "solid gold", not tell anyone how much gold there actually is in the thing, and credibly believe they can make £13,500 from selling this obsolete-in-two-years device, we know it won't be long before brands that have been commanding tens of thousands for watches for almost a century start wanting to be involved.

And after that long pre-amble, we present the Breitling B55 Connected.  This wristwatch takes the classic chronograph frame, add's bluetooth connectivity, and via an app, will allow the owner to measure flight times, time/zones, alarms. displays, and more.  This is clearly aimed at the aviation market.  However, the fact remains, a high-end watchmaker has released an app connected luxury watch.

Available from mid 2015, the projected price point is to be £5,000 to £10,000, which will be consistent with other titanium black-carbon based wristwatches at a similar tier in the luxury watch market.

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