Saturday, 21 March 2015

Dior Pastel Eyeliner Stickers.

Following the unexpected success of the Mirror eyeliner stickers Dior released in 2014, they have decided to commercialise the product into a regular, full range piece.  For Spring/Summer 2015, they will be releasing the eyeliner stickers in a selection of Pastel colours.

For the uninitiated, this product essentially provides the user with a selection of reposition-able, re-usable, coloured stickers for the upper eyelid.  The concept being that the look of the eye can be quickly, and conveniently changed to suit the mood, and add a touch of vibrancy that would take a great deal of time with conventional makeup.  With of course the added benefit if you dislike the look, you can just remove them.

We estimate this will be here to stay, and anticipate many other brands following suit.  Convenience is always the biggest selling and most popular product.  Anything that makes getting ready or changing your look faster is a sure-fire hit.  Priced at £45 per set of 8 stickers, they will be available from the end of March.

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