Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Gucci Collaborate With To Create Luxury Smartband.

Just last week we discussed the new Breitling smartwatch for aviation, and commented on how the luxury watch world will be highly likely to prsue a "minority report" like direction following the release of the do-it-all apple watch.  Today we show you Gucci's latest addition to the smart wearable market, and that a step closer to that vision has been made.

Collaborating with, why is a mystery to us, they could have simply released a smartwatch under the Gucci banner without colaborating with a musician.  The device is designed to be a standalone smart wearable, rather than being tethered to a mobile, it will be able to send an receive calls on its own.  More Dick Tracy than Apple Watch.

It will also feature activity tracking, heartrate monitoring. multiple timezone monitoring, touch screen lcd display, and potentially a ceramic case o a rubber band if the Basel World 2015 announcement is to be taken as gospel.  However it is more likely the final release will be very different from what was initially discussed. 

As much as we love to be able to discuss prices here, or even projected price ranges, as the announcement gave no such information, we, sadly, cannot even guess at this.  

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