Saturday, 14 March 2015

Nike Air Max 90 Cork Edition.

Nike is an unusual brand.  From serious sporting origins, it has successfully bridged the divide between the world of fashion, luxury, technology, and, has still managed to maintain that spark of edgy cool that so many brands either lack, or loose when they start diversifying.

However, from Yeezy collaborations re-selling for tens of thousands, to edgy collabs with brands like Undercover.  They are able to continue to release products which can be worn by street kids and billionaires and be considered luxury.

This next release from Nike, which re-works the classic Air Max 90, has been re-worked to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the style.  With bold red and white accents, and a black swoosh, what really makes this stand out is the addition of a cork upper.  

Retailing for £140 when it is released in the first week of April, our only concern is what if it rains?  That cork upper will get some nasty stains.

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