Saturday, 28 March 2015

Saint Honore Tour Eiffel Wristwatch.

Parisian Watchmaker Saint Honore has decide to honour the Eiffel tour in it's new wristwatch the "Tour Eiffel".  They have chosen to commemorate the most famous landmark of Paris by way of sculpting the bezel from a piece of the Eiffel Tower's steel, and by having a certificate of authenticity in the box which is signed and stamped by the company which runs the Eiffel Tower.

Watches incorporating special elements is not a new thing, we have seen Bremont creating an enigma machine watch with pieces of the machine, and Romaine Jerome who has created several watches of this type, including a Titanic watch and a moon watch.  However, we feel that Saint Honore is a little more authentic with regards to their Homage.  Firstly, their company is some four years older than the tower, having been established in 1885.  And second, they hail from both the city, and arrondissment of the tower, and can therefore literally see it out their window.  This gives them the pedigree to create such a piece without appearing as an upstart merely wishing to make profit.

On the inside, the watch features a Selita SW 200 mechanical self winding movement, in a 42mm steel case, on a brown crocodile leather wrist-strap.  

Produced in a limited run of 1885, referencing the birthdate of Saint Honore.  The price is projected to be £2,800, making it one of the most expensive pieces Saint Honore have produced in steel without a complication.

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