Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Head Porter And Toriba Collaborate To Produce Portable Brewing Kit.

Porter Yashida of Japan have managed the transition from a purely utilititarian brand, which was its initial concept, into a mid range luxury brand, and has managed to do so with the absolute minimum of effort.  This is due in part to the likes of Tyler Brule over at Monocle championing it as the intelligent choice for the global elite traveller, and due equally to clever collaborations with other brand on behalf of their top range Head Porter.

An example of this sort of high concept collaboration can be seen here, with this latest release which sees them collaborating with fellow countrymen "Toriba" to produce a portable brewmaster set for filter coffee.  The product is somewhat of a an oddity in the current climate, and seems around 15 years out of date.  Alessi was producing travel espresso and coffee sets back in 1990 using the Richard Sapper mini kettle.  And considering the ubiquity of both chain coffee stores, and independents in pretty much any destination in the world, the value of a travel coffee set is questionable at best, and a waste of luggage space at worst.

However, if you are a particularly paranoid type of person who doesn't trust others to handle your coffee beans.  Or you have a particular unquenchable thirst for one unique bean.  Or a desire for making coffee in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, Head Porter and Toriba have the product for you.  Available from the end of June worldwide, costing £280 per set.  And thereby demonstrating amply the luxury cachet Porter Yashida have come to occupy.

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