Monday, 6 April 2015

Loewe Knot Keyrings.

There is no questioning Loewe's status as a luxury brand, this well established Spanish house has produced in its over 100 years in existence many iconic pieces sported by some of the 20th Centuries leading figures.  However, it has in the last decade been regarded as somewhat staid.  Due mainly to it's adherence to older pieces.  A few failed re-boots have met with acquisiation by LVMH, and now, fortunes have began to change with J.W Anderson as creative director.

The brand is now starting to produce some genuinely innovate and charming luxury accessories.  Of which these new knot keyrings are an excellent example.  Handcrafted from leather, and available in bicolor and tricolor versions, they can be purchased from edgy store Opening Ceremony, and retail for £265 each.  A strong indication of their rebirth.

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