Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Hermes Petit h 2015 Silk Bracelet's And Necklace's.

Hermes "Petit h" range, which for the uninitiated re-uses left-over materials from other Hermes products and makes new ones, has moved to the world of e-commerce.  When originally launched it was quite an event, with the limited pieces only being available from choice stores in the group.  Now the items can be delivered to your door with the click of a mouse.

For 2015 the range will be focusing on using leftover scarf pieces, and fashioning them into bracelets and necklaces.  As the pieces all use spare parts, you can choose a colour scheme, but what you actually receive will be unique, and a surprise until it actually comes.

The options are a figure eight tie necklace and bracelet, and a double loop in the same two options.  Each variant has three basic colour options, shown here, but as stated, the final product will be unique.

Available now online, the necklaces are £250 each, and the bracelets are £210 each while stocks last, and also in the Hermes Paris store at Rue de Sevres as a permanent collection.

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