Saturday, 30 May 2015

Les Flaneur d'Hermes Bicycle.

Upping the mode of transport in Paris, Hermès recently unveiled two brand new lines of handcrafted unisex bicycles. Letting you peddle your way ahead and be lost in the quaint lanes of Paris, the brand launched their iconic Flâneur bicycle range that flaunts an ultra light-weighing body as a tribute to the brand's theme of the year - Flâneur Forever.

Available in two options of leisure bicycles and sporty city bicycles, the French, handmade frameworks of the two-wheelers are adorned with durable, exceptionally light, shock-absorbing and streamlined design specs. Besides the bull-calf leather saddles, handle grips and luggage rack support, the only technical factor that distinguishes the make are the eight gears in the leisure bicycle and 11 in the sporty city bicycle, all integrated into the rear wheel hub to avoid risk of derailment.

Presented in basic shades of charcoal, red and blanc d’ espange, check out this cool video endorsing the Hermès bikes’, which are available now priced at £7,500 each.

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