Monday, 29 June 2015

BAPE Minions Baby Milo Collection.

No-one would have expected when despicable me was released many years ago that not only would it spawn a sequel, but that minor characters, the Minions, would be so beloved by children they would earn their own spin off movie.  But thats is exactly what happened.  And the little yellow creatures, who do not even speak English, are coming to cinemas within weeks.

Tie-ins, or should we say cash ins, are inevitable, and from everyone favourite street casual luxury brand, BAPE, comes this collaborative collection.  Understandably, based on the somewhat childish nature of the source material, they have used their Baby Milo kids range for the collab.  But you can be sure, as with many Baby Milo products in the past, this wont stop adults enjoying it.

The release sees Baby Milo fighting with minions across a range of tee's, hoodys, and towels, as well as a cap, Minion face beanie, and full zip minion hoody.

The film will be out July 10th, and this collection will be available from July 5th, with prices ranging from £55 for the towels, £60 for the hats, and £85 for the tee's, up to £300 for the full zip hoody.

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