Saturday, 20 June 2015

Nest Release Wi-Fi Camera The Nest Cam.

Google's first product release since the takeover of Nest is, rather surprisingly, a product which currently exists from other manufacturers.  This is somewhat of an odd choice, as Nest was famous for innovative ground breaking products, such as the Nest themometer, and the NEst smoke alarm.

The Nest cam is in essence, pretty much like the Philips ivedeon range of camera's and baby monitors.  Specifically it is most close to their top end model the M120.  Featuring talk and listen, motion activation, a list of event notifications, and the option to record and store images, all of which can be accessed from an app, but only for a fee, it is an M120 in a prettier housing.

Whether that housing is pretty enough to sway you as a consumer is up to you, the decision is yours, and can be made now from retailers costing £165 per unit, making it a premium lusxury device like most of Nest's products.

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