Saturday, 4 July 2015

24 Carat Gold Toilet Paper.

The toilet paper man, a company in Australia, known previously for supply bulk, standard toilet paper to trade and to the public, have created what is, without question, the worlds most expensive toilet paper.  

This roll, which is 3 ply, and of the highest quality, is coated throughout the roll with 24 Carat gold leaf.  As you use the roll, flakes of 24 Carat gold will apparently flake off, leaving themselves on you, and your toilet, thereby making you feel as if you literally defecate gold.

Clearly designed to be a marketing stunt, the product is however quite real, and even comes supplied with a bottle of champagne.  If anyone is ever foolish enough to pay the $1,300,000 Australian dollars, which is around $1,000,000 US dollars, and about £940,000, then we wil be sure to hear about it., and will let you know

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