Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Hadoro Apple Watch Collection.

Hadoro, the Parisian accessory brand, has made a name for itself blinging out tech products.  Sort of like a tasteful French version of the slightly gauche Amosu industries, they have managed to be fairly well respected in this.

Their latest product is the Apple Watch.  This particular story is a bit of an odd one for us.  You see, on their site they state the watch is "gold", and is available in either rose or yellow gold, with white to follow.  However, Apple already offer a solid gold Apple Watch, the "edition" model.  And this is where our confusion lies, the Apple Watch edition retails for between £9,000 and £13,500, whereas Hadoro are offering theirs, with a genuine alligator strap, for only £3,000.

Are they seeking to undercut Apple?  A risky strategy for any firm.  We are of the opinion that the Hadoro versions are likely to be gold plated, with perhaps solid gold buckles, and they have simply failed to make this clear.  The alternative would be somewhat ridiculous.  

Whatever the case, head over to Hadoro for more information and to potentially snap up a "bargain".

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