Saturday, 25 July 2015

Monocle Launch "The Escapist" Luxury Travel Periodical.

Tyler Brule's brainchild Monocle has managed to turn the publishing world pretty much on it's heels, if not its head.  In an age where most content is digital, and virtually all consumers expect that content for free, Monocle manages to continually offer a print only subscription, with the digital extras merely a support to the printed word.

With the success of the magazine's "Winter forecast" supplement, Monocle are now launching a summer supplement, focusing on travel.  And of course, this being Monocle, it is luxury travel.  Each edition will explore various cities, fashion, style, journey themed observations, and also, a new Monocle restaurant awards.

On Sale now to Monocle subscribers, for £10 per issue.

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