Thursday, 2 July 2015

Vertu Signature For Bentley.

Bentley and Vertu have decided to time travel back to a period where smartphones and features are irrelevant, or at least non existent, to produce a special edition Vertu Signature inspired by the Bentley Mulsanne Speed.  

In an era where even Vertu realise that touch screen smartphones are the only way to go, and therefore have two of them in their line-up, they seemingly chose to ignore this, and produce a new version of the now aging Signature, which while still current, is hardly the forefront of their range.

Although lets be honest, we are not in possession of Vertu's detailed sales figures, mainly because they don't release them, the Signature may be their biggest selling piece.  But we doubt it.

Whatever the case, this new packaging of the Signature will have a carbon weave pattern on the side, a carbon fibre ear cushion, and a selection of leather options for the back.

Not really much point in discussing features, as there aren't any, but, it does sport a lovely Bentley, logo, costs £18,900 per edition, and is available now.

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