Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Fendi My Way Watches.

New from Fendi comes a dramatic collection of watches, which are pretty clearly targeted at Women, or, extremely flamboyant men.  The Fendi "My Way" collection is, as most of Fendi's wristwatches are, not an ultra high-end timepiece, but more a piece of wrist jewellery which tells the time.

The "My Way" tag in the name comes from the fact that there are a number of options for purchase,  which is not in itself a particularly unique feature, but also, the watch comes with a bold Arctic Fox collar, known as a "Glamy" which can be removed as the owner wishes.

Options include, steel with a diamond bezel, steel with ceramic inserts, steel with ceramic bezel, rose gold plating, and a diamond bezel and bracelet version which comes with a personal thank-you note from Fendi's owner.

Prices range from £1,200 up to £4,500, and the watches are available now.

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