Friday, 28 August 2015

Rone Footwear By Tony Ferguson.

Authentic skateboarder Tony Ferguson has released a range of premium footwear through a brand new label he has launched called Rone.

Original member of the Girl Skateboards crew Tony Ferguson announces his foray into the footwear market with Rone. Aesthetically, the footwear draws heavily from the spirit of skate culture, although the collection lofts up these principles by creating a product that is distinctly luxurious. Each shoe is handmade, featuring naturally-tanned Italian leather and Goodyear-welted construction. As the brand makes its debut at Haven, the Vancouver-based retailer has also unveiled a brief lookbook video for the occasion. Head over to the Ronewebsite to read more.

The designs of the shoes is clearly influenced by Ferguson's background in skate culture, however the similarity ends there, as these are firmly premium products.  Goodyear welted construction, Italian leather, hand stitching, and elegant design details abound.

The sneakers, available initially in high and low top models and in various leathers, are also solidly premium in their pricing, costing £400 per pair.

Available now at the Rone webstore, the Ninety Three low tops and Eighty Six high tops are well worth a look for an alternative luxury streetwear option. 

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