Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Louis Vuitton LV Fifty Five Wristwatch.

Louis Vuitton’s iconic trunks have been the source of inspiration behind almost every creation rolled out by the luxury label. The timeless appeal of the legendary aluminum trunks shapes up in form of a time-telling device as Louis Vuitton unveils the LV Fifty Five, a new versatile and contemporary watch designed for world travelers.

The new watch from the French fashion house gets it name by converting the signature LV initials in to Roman numerals which translates in to Arabic numerals 55. Inspired by the company’s heritage, history and the world, the LV Fifty Five watch is housed in a round steel case with a slight curve and features two metal plaques riveted and engraved with the name of Louis Vuitton. It reminds of the plaques on the locks of the historic trunks.

A must have for globetrotting individuals, the LV Fifty Five is offered in three sizes, each sporting a different movement, for men and women in January 2016 with prices ranging from £1,900 - £2,800. The small, feminine pink model sized at 31 mm is fitted with the ETA 256.031 quartz movement while the medium unisex grey model, with its 36 mm dial is powered by the ETA 2892 self-winding mechanical movement. Lastly, the self-winding mechanism with GMT function, ETA 2893 empowers the largest black watch which measures 41 mm in diameter.

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